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It is made exactly as the name says. cut and peel the avocado add shredded pistachio, the avocado, milk and sugar to a mixer. Mix in low speed until it is smooth. Pour to serving glass, garnish with shredded pistachio.

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Steps: Cut jackfruit and mango into small pieces Blend the jackfruit and mango in a mixer. Add the other ingredients (honey, milk, etc.) and blend again, until the jackfruit is well mixed.

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Steps: Make the sugar syrup, with one glass of water and sugar in a sauce pan under low flame. Do not boil it, stir continuously until the sugar dissolves. Remove the pan from heat and squeeze the lemons in to it. Pour it in to a pitcher and add berry   Read More ...

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Initial preparations: To make the syrup, in a small pan boil the lemon juice along with the caster sugar, until the sugar dissolve. Clean with mind leaves and grind it with  a mixer. Steps: In a pitcher (which can hold about 2ltrs) pour the prepared syrup, along with the grounded   Read More ...

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  Initial preparations: Wash and cut the apples in the small slices Wash the mint leaves and keep it aside. Steps: Squeeze lemon in to a small pan and add the caster sugar. Boil it in low flame until the sugar dissolved, remove it from flame and let it cool   Read More ...

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